Out with the bad air and in with the… bad air again. From the look of the equipment, this has been going on for a while. When David showed this one to Jim Davis, his hair stood on end! Photo submitted by David Richardson, Richardson’s Heating & Air.

Boy, you miss just ONE day of sheet metal class… This was just one of the three “transitions” we found in this duct system. Photo submitted by Dan Paprek – Climate Makers, Inc.

OK, the one to the bedroom goes up, around, and over, and the kitchen is down, across, and… no wait. More tape! Photo submitted by Bryan Weesner, Holt Plumbing & Heating

I lost the instructions, but I think this is how it goes? Photo submitted by Jason Markle – Gama Central, Inc.

What do you mean, how will we service the furnace? Photo submitted by: John Ellis – So Cal Air Dynamics

For some reason I get these headaches every time I take a sauna… Photo submitted by: Corey Hickman – Comfort Matters Heating & Air

Never mistake activity for achievement. – John Wooden It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that as long as we’re keeping busy, we are achieving our goals. Often times if we honestly examine what we’re doing with our time each day we will find that it’s not always the highest and best use of …
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  In Boone North Carolina last week an 11 year old boy was found dead in a hotel room from carbon monoxide poisoning. Just two months prior to this, an elderly couple was found dead in this exact same room, yet no action was taken. This incident has been getting national media attention similar to …
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NOTE: This article originally appeared in the April 2005 edition of Contracting Business magazine. It was the ‘Last Word’ column on page 80. On a recent HVAC e-mail discussion thread, a contractor made reference to a popular book entitled, Leading The Revolution, by Gary Hamel.  The contractor observed that although there have been advances, he …
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NOTE: This editorial was originally published in Contracting Business magazine, in the December 1992 issue, on page 4. We are in the middle of a very exciting time for our industry.  We’re finally getting back to the primary reason for our existence: TO PROVIDE COMFORT. After a 20-year derailment triggered by the energy crisis of …
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