The Bermuda Triangle of Airflow

September 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
Airflow has its own Bermuda Triangle

Airflow. It’s in our ventilation sytems. It’s the media through which our weather works. Off the South-Eastern coast of the United States, bounded by Miami (in Florida), San Juan (in Puerto Rico), and the north-Atlantic island of Bermuda, is an area known as the Bermuda Triangle. For years many ships and planes inexplicably disappeared when …
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Industry at a Crossroads: Step-up or Be Stepped On!

September 9th, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
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Twenty-two years ago NCI set out on a mission to help the HVAC industry move towards measured performance. At the time, we envisioned a future where most systems would perform at over 90% delivered efficiency. We believed the industry would fix most of the HVAC systems in  homes and buildings once the issue was recognized. …
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25 Reasons Why HVAC Membership Organizations Rule!

September 1st, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
HVAC Member Trade Organizations are a contractors strongest allies

Are you a member of an HVAC trade organization? I’m talking about the ones you have to pay dues to belong to. If you don’t, think about something that Benjamin Franklin once stated: an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Seems reasonable, right? Yet it occurs to me, in the HVAC contracting world, the …
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Selling ‘Beyond the Box’ HVAC Comfort System Solutions

August 16th, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
Comfort Solutions are Key to Performance-based selling

Beating the Comfort Commodity Challenge When it comes to comfort differentiation, HVAC manufacturers have it tough these days. The rapid pace of technological development means that no single manufacturer can maintain a competitive edge for very long. Each one invests millions of dollars developing new products and, before they can cash their first check, one …
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Do You Understand the HVAC Combustion Process?

August 12th, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
Heat Transfer explained

or So what exactly is combustion energy and heat transfer anyway? This article is based on more than 30 years of field testing, measuring, and auditing equipment performance. Although some of the information requires interpretation, it’s still based on proven field performance. What is Combustion Energy? Combustion is the burning of some kind of fuel …
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Static Pressure Measurements in Six Easy Steps

July 25th, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
Measuring static pressure

Let’s stick with the basics and take a look at how to measure residential static pressure in six simple steps. Step-By-Step Static Pressure Testing Typically technicians should take less than five minutes to measure a residential system’s static pressure. Here are sample instructions for a furnace and an external coil: STEP 1: Locate the appropriate …
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Calculating Heating Energy Savings

July 22nd, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
Energy Savings Formula

When you want to achieve the highest energy efficiency possible, HVAC equipment must be tuned properly, gas pressure and input most likely need to be increased. It’s also important to make sure the necessary airflow is available before any adjustments are made. But the question is, how can you easily calculate or estimate the potential …
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Consumers and their Thermostat Wars

July 5th, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
White collar boxing

LEAVE THAT THERMOSTAT ALONE!!!! Staying comfortable in our homes and workplaces has become something of a battleground over the last three decades. OK, let’s not pull any punches — it’s a war! Especially when you think about all the different age groups and generations who live and work together. Each “group” has different comfort needs …
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Tomorrow’s HVAC System Efficiency Proposal

July 1st, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
System Performance Guide2

What if you could offer your customers a system efficiency option of 57%, 78%, or 93%? No, this is NOT equipment-rated efficiency. It’s the operating system’s field-measured efficiency after installation and verification in a home. Here’s a sample proposal of the future. Field Measured System Efficiency Constant advancements in our ability to field measure the …
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10 Tips For Providing Superior HVAC Customer Service

June 29th, 2016 | Posted by Mike Weil in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)
Good CSRs are Key to Your Success

In most cases the customer service person who answers your telephone is the very first contact your potential customers have with your company. Customer service personnel begin building a relationship with your customers from the moment the telephone first rings. Tip #1: First and foremost, you should have a live person answering the telephone in …
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